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iApp Technology

iApp Technology is a AI Startup located in Bangkok, Thailand provides various AI API services focusing on Thai Natural Language Processing (Thai NLP) in Image, Text, and Speech mediums. We have the following API services.
    Vision AI
      Thai National ID Card OCR (Doc) (Demo) (Pricing)
      Thai License Plate Recognition
      Thai/English Document OCR
      Face Recognition & Face Verification System specifically trained on massive Thai and Asian Faces.
    Text AI
      Thai Automatic Question Answering System
      Thai Chatbot Engine
      Thai Automatic FAQ Generator (Knowledge Chatbot Engine)
    Speech AI
      Thai/English Text to Speech
      Thai Speech to Text Engine
      Wakeword Recognition

AI Demos

You can try our AI demos at https://ai.iapp.co.th

Company Home Page

You can view our business and pricing from our company homepage. https://iapp.co.th
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