API On-Cloud Services

New user get first 100 IC for free!! After that consume 1 IC per request. Consumer purchases credit (IC) first to use the service.
If the number of credit (IC) is lower than the predefined threshold (default = 1000 IC), our system will notify you via E-mail and SMS.
Note that, IC is stand for iApp Credit.
Credits or Requests (IC)
Price (THB)
Price (THB) per IC
Validity Period
10,000 IC
12,500 THB
1.25 THB/IC
6 months
20,000 IC
23,000 THB
1.15 THB/IC
12 months
50,000 IC
50,000 THB
1.00 THB/IC
12 months
100,000 IC
95,000 THB
0.95 THB/IC
24 months
200,000 IC
184,000 THB
0.92 THB/IC
24 months
300,000 IC
270,000 THB
0.90 THB/IC
24 months
500,000 IC
445,000 THB
0.89 THB/IC
36 months
We also have on-premise enterprise license, it allows unlimited number of requests which run on your local machine. If you interested, please contact [email protected]
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